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Photo Giveaway



I recently posted on my Facebook and Instagram pages that I wanted to do a giveaway for 3 same sex couples. I thought it would be a wonderful way to meet new lovely people, but also a really fun way for me to give back. When I posted the ad, I knew it was going to be incredibly hard to choose which couples to give the free photo session to, but I didn’t think it was going to be THIS HARD. You guys…seriously the last couple days have been so fun. I’ve received some of the sweetest emails to ever grace my inbox. I’m so overwhelmed by the love, kindness and joy that you have all shared with me. I’m so sorry that I’m not able to give all of you a free photo shoot, because you all deserve it. You deserve it for being present in your relationships, and for continuing to choose each other every day. Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of this.


So…without further rambling from me, here are the couples that I have chosen:


Jamie & Abbie


Max and Tod


Jeremiah and Kyle


Thank you so much to all of the couples who entered my contest! I’m so grateful to you all for sharing your stories with me. I’m running out to an event with family right now, but very soon, I will explain why I picked each couple. Thank you!!



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